"Intelligent Entity  |  Often Composed of Multiple Smart Units"
robot23 CPUs
robot36 Sensors
robot6 Ultrasound
robot1 Lidar
robot9 Infrared sensors
robot2 Cameras
YOGO ROBOT possesses L4-level indoor autonomous driving capabilities.
Its advanced sensor fusion algorithms enable efficient collaboration
and quick decision-making in response to various situations.
Multi-level decision-making ensures safe passage.
In response to various situations, sensors of different levels cooperate with same-level CPUs to make decisions directly.
Quick recognition and agile passage.
360-degree obstacle detection, millisecond response time, swiftly identifying objects, and navigating flexibly.
Recognition speed
Athlete's reaction time
yogo robot
Intelligent judgment for smart navigation
Utilizing Vslam image processing technology, it can recognize human bodies and faces while possessing deep learning capabilities.
yogo robot
The robot, in collaboration with YOGO AIoT, enhances efficiency through cooperative cooperation.
By connecting with native equipment through AIoT, the robot and YOGO work synergistically to improve decision-making accuracy and enhance service quality.
We has specially developed wheel chassis system that adapts to various surfaces within buildings. Whether the floor is dry or wet,
robot maintains smooth movement and stability while navigating.
Wooden floors
Cemented surfaces
Z-shaped crossing shock-absorbing suspension system
Independently developed shock-absorbing technology, redefining the standards for robot passability.
Robot passability
YOGO passability
Industry standards
Cloud-based Centralized Power Management
When the system detects insufficient power, tasks will be handed over to nearby robots,
enabling automatic recharging and intelligent deployment.
Complete charging in 3 hours
Automatically finds the charging station and completes the charging process.
Automatic docking charging station
100% Automatic docking success rate
Self-retractable battery protection shield for safety.
Effectively prevents electric shock and leakage, ensuring personal safety.
Designed to withstand corrosive liquids and gases during cleaning and disinfection processes.
"The fundamental to improving efficiency lies in the intelligent entities coordinating and collaborating with each other."
YOGO We believe that precision and speed are the standards of service.
YOGO ROBOT Simultaneously
Travel speeds
2 m/s
Equipments simultaneously
Task accomplished
Deployment time
2-3 day
Collaborative area
Task accomplished
YOGO swarm robotics technology makes all the intellegent equipments working together and brings order to tasks and enhances the quality of service.
In 2022, we supported the Shanghai International Exhibition shelter with 62 robots completing 3663 bed meals in 35 minutes.
The Intelligent Ecosystem in Buildings
The intelligent service system consists of
multiple robots, robot workstations, and AIoT
modules working together within a building.
The future harbors boundless potentialities.
YOGO collaborates harmoniously with you.
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